Roblox island (formal name Skyblox and Sky Block) is one of the most popular games in Roblox. The game was created by There is a lot of criticism that it is a rip off of very popular game SkyBlock in Minecraft. However, it continues to grow popular with many updates.

The game was forced to shut down due to the DMCA request but it has come back up after about a week.Β  Most notable update has been the addition of Vending Machine which eliminated most of the scam that was going around between players during trading.Β  Also, a single server player limit was increased to 60 players each.

Farmer Cletus' Farming Festival is live!

Join Farmer Cletus on his family farm and help him harvest this year's crops. There will be plenty of rewards for those who do!

Play now:

πŸ‘¨β€πŸŒΎ Join Farmer Cletus for the Islands Farming Festival!

⌚ The portal to the Cletus Family Farm opens tomorrow at 2:00PM PST.

πŸ‘‰ Make sure you're in the Hub when the countdown reaches zero!

Game link:

πŸŽ‰ Save Slots!!

You create new save slots to replay the game and build new islands.

We also shipped a bunch of quality-of-life improvements. Check discord for the full changelog!

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Desert IslandVamp Bow Blueprint80,000,00060,000,000Super rare
Desert IslandVamp Bow60,000,00050,000,000Super rare
Desert IslandRuby Skorp Stinger25,000,00020,000,000Super rare
Desert IslandRuby Skorp Scale 100,00025,000Rare
Desert IslandGolden Skorp Claw2,500,0002,000,000Rare
Desert IslandGolden Skorp Scale50,00030,000Uncommon
Desert IslandIron Skorp Scale25,00020,000Common
Wizard IslandTidal Blueprint10,000,0008,000,000Super rare
Wizard IslandGreen, Red, or Blue Page400,000300,000Uncommon
Buffalkor IslandBuffalkor Crystal 350,000285,000Super rare
slime islandancient slime string3,000,0002,500,000Super rare
Slime IslandPink Sticky Gear150,000125,000Rare
Slime IslandBlue Sticky Gear10,0007500Uncommon
Slime IslandGreen Sticky Gear40003500Common
Machines (Industrial)Industrial Washer1,000,000850,000Rare
Machines (Industrial)Industrial Chest100,00080,000Common
Machines (Industrial)Industrial Sawmill100,0008,5000Uncommon
Machines (Industrial)Industrial Oven8,500060,000Common
Machines (Industrial)Industrial Smelter1,000,000750,000Rare
Machines (Industrial)Industrial Stonecutter700,000650,000Rare
Machines (Industrial)Industrial Food Processor1,500,0001,000,000Rare
Crystallized ItemsCrystallized Aquamarine3,500,0003,000,000Super rare
Crystallized ItemsCrystallized Gold400,000300,000Super rare
Crystallized ItemsCrystallized Iron90,00070,000Rare
Secret ItemsTest Totem700,000600,000Super rare
Secret ItemsLegacy Food Processor1,000,000,000can't buy in bulkAlmost Impossible
Secret ItemsTest Blueprint5,000,0004,000,000Super rare
Secret itemsIsland portal300,000,000can't buy in bulkAlmost Impossible
WeaponsTidal Spellbook8,000,0006,000,000Rare
WeaponsGilded Steel Hammer 1,000,000800,000Rare
WeaponsAquamarine Sword500,000450,000Uncommon
WeaponsWar Axe80,00060,000Uncommon
WeaponsBasic bow200,000150,000Common
WeaponsArtifact bow1,000,000850,000Rare
Crafted ItemsVending Machine200,000150,000Uncommon
Crafted ItemsSprinkler80,00070,000Uncommon
Crafted ItemsWater Catcher10,0008,000Common
MaterialsStone bricks4030Common
MaterialsIron blocks1,000500Common
MaterialsCoal blocks1,000500Common
MaterialsGold blocks15,00010,000Uncommon
Any IslandBlue, Yellow, Red music disk400,000300,000Uncommon
FishingPropeller500,000450,000Super rare
FishingCarp+Salmon / Fertilizer5,0003,000Common
FlowersAll types of flowers1,000500Common
SeedsStarfruit Seed 200,000100,000Rare
SeedsBerry Seed10,0008,000Common
ToolsGilded Steel Pickaxe800,000750,000Uncommon
ToolsGilded Axe800,000750,000Uncommon
WoodAny type of wood1,5001,000Common
Woodwood planks (any type)2,0001,000Common
KeysSlime Island Key50,00040,000Super Rare
KeysDesert island key50,00040,000Uncommon
KeysWizard Island Key20,00015,000Uncommon
KeysBuffalkor Island Key10,0008,000Common
OreGold 2,000 1,500Common
OreAquamarine shard1,000500Common