Roblox Island Money Maker Guide

  • Grind for new items when updates come out. You can usually make 1-2 hundred million by grinding on the day of updates.
  • Farming will give you long term money but grinding/selling will always make you more money short term.
  • auto clicker/macro is not banned in the game. Exploits and scripts are.

Farming Manual
(Potatoes, carrots, Grapes, Onions... etc)
- No oily crops so you make more money from selling crops
- Chance to get extra seeds from harvesting
- It is very time consuming to harvest.
- You have to manually farm all the crops.
- You have to wait for the crops to grow
LowMediumExtra seeds.
Farming (Auto)
(Potatoes, carrots, Grapes, Onions... etc)
- You can make a lot of money
- You can go AFK auto farm
- It takes a lot of time and money to make the auto farm.
- If a crop touches a conveyor it becomes oily.
- Cost of totems, conveyors, and industrial washers is very high
Fishing- Makes you a lot more money then crops if you are lucky.
- Its actually fun to fish.
- It only costs 10 wood to make fishing rod.

- It takes a lot of patience.
- You don't always make a lot of money from fishing.
- You can't AFK fishing.
Mining Manual- No skill required
- Free to mine (shared island near slime island portal)
- Chance to get rare items
- Takes time
- Doesn't make much money.
LowMedium/HighCrystallized Gold
Crystallized Iron
Mining Auto ( Macro )- Easy to get material to auto mine.
- Chance to get rare items
- Makes a lot of money

- Requires PC and macro
lowHighCrystallized Gold
Crystallized Iron
Slime Island- Free to get into portal
- Easy to kill slimes
- High chance of getting rare items
- Can make lots of valuable items
- Can't AFK auto farm
LowLow/MediumPink sticky gear
Blue sticky gear
Green sticky gear
Ancient slime string
Buffalokor Island- Easy to get portal key to Buffalokor island
- Good chance of getting valuable items
- Possible to AFK auto farm Buffalokors
- Possible to AFK auto farm for crystallized gold and crystallized iron.
- Requires a good weapon
- Buffalokor island tends to glitch a lot.
MediumMedium/HighBuffalo crystal
Starfruit seeds
Wizard Island- Very easy to get pages
- Drops a lot of valuable stuff
- Drops pages which is used to make tidal spell book and normal spell book.
- No way to AFK auto farm wizards anymore
- Hard to kill without a good weapon
- Must bring heals
HardHighRed page
Green page
Blue page
Tidal spell book Blueprint
Desert Island- Very valuable items because of update hype.
- Hard to kill Skorps
- Hard to return to island if you die
- Really hard to get rare drops
- Harder to get the key to desert island
HardHigh Vamp Bow Blueprint
Ruby Skorp Stinger
Golden Skorp Claw
Underwater- Free to go underwater
- Doesn't require any special tools
- Aquamarine shards sell for quite a bit.
- You can use the aquamarine shards to make good looking blocks
- Possible to AFK auto farm aquamarine ore.
- Hard to get rare drops.
- Corals are not valuable
- Takes a lot of time to break even with glided steel pickaxe/ best tool in game
LowLow/MediumCrystallized Aquamarine
Tree farm- Saplings are cheap to buy
- You can make a lot of money from farming wood
- Easy to farm wood
- It gets boring if you just do nothing and farm wood.
- You cant auto farm wood
- Takes a lot of the block limit.